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Adco printing was actually very good to me.Best prices in Tampa flawless prints in my experience. Thanks Adco print. Local Tree Service

Adco Printing Sucks!!!

Chiefland, Florida

Adco Printing Suck stay away from this company they claim they have 48 hr printing the only thing you can count on is getting robed!!! I never got my job on time and when I did get it was wrong...I spoke to the owner John Disbrow who is not really good at making up excuses, that you can coiunt on! lie after lie they redunded my money after 3 months!

stay away from this guys printing business he has diffrent printing sites

like,, does this so people wont know he is adco...plenty of whole sellers stay away from this one!!!


Orlando, Florida, United States #706163

Adcoprint does great work

They printed my shin yen brochures best quality best price

Thanks for the great work, 5000 brochures 300.00 best price they turned in 3 days

to Joey Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #706537

wow joey,

it just so happens that the person who left this post below did so from Orlando and it was 19 hours ago ..hMMMMM...NIce work JOHN..or some else close to you ...trying to defend actual facts about you and your company ? See you in court but before that ..see you at out discovery depositions...

19 hours ago from Orlando, Florida

Brett melanson with pie posted these complaints

He is a low life trailer boy, Turfsigns rocks he hates them because he is a print broker that screwed over Turfsigns and attempted to partner with them but ripped off john and his wife.

If you want the hole story contact Brandon melanson Brett's brother!

He rents a building from john and warned him not to lett brett sell johns printing.

Brett is a lawyer happy sue happy thief who is a coward and talkes about johns wife because he is mad that john sells printing for less than him.

Call Brandon melanson at next level turf for the entires story about brett and Turfbrands!


Tampa, Florida, United States #645982

Had a TERRIBLE experience with Adco this weekend. I was quoted a price over the phone one day, then went to place the order the next day and the price was basically double. The man I spoke with, Gary, blamed his coworker for the bad quote.

Then, the print quality was terrible. The job was cut wrong. It was cut at least 1/4" wrong, which is unacceptable. The job was a small, digitally printed job. The colors were inconsistent, and poor quality.

I won't use them again.

Plant City, Florida, United States #614486
ADCO, TURFSIGNS is a crooked company. I agree with all these posts 100% they will only take your money and provide you a horrible print job.

they use the cheapest Ink and paper they can find and get your order to you when they fell like it... BUYER BEWARE !!

Dont be the next fool who uses their companies! :cry
Tampa, Florida, United States #602144

They suck bad! We ordered a rush job.

When ordered we were told we would have it one day before we needed it.

Next thing you know they tell us it won't be ready until 6 days AFTER we needed it. The print work was needed for a tradeshow so that was unacceptable. If you are thinking of using this company.

DON'T.... well unless you want to be screwed over.


John Disbrow has screwed over so many people I'm shocked he hasn't been beaten to a pulp, or worse.


ok Frank I bet you work for adco or your name is really John Disbrow...Adco print Sucks and messes up all there orders


They gave me the wrong job. Couldn't find mine.

Reprinted mine, wrong art. I complained and they said they would reprint and call when it was done. 3 weeks later and still nothing.

Asked for a refund and now i'm waiting for a call back from their accountant. They are playing games with me and i'm the last person to f with.

:) i like adcoprinting. They are the lowest price printer in tampa.

It seems like the complaints are from the print brokers that order from them because they sell so lo to the public.

I have excellent customer service and work with amel samuels there. He designed my flyers quick
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